Responsible Delivery

Responsible Delivery

Our team has a track record of delivering new investment strategies.

Environmental, Social, & Governance Policy

ALMCOR is committed to investing responsibly and building a diverse and inclusive workplace where our employees can thrive.

Since its inception as Industrial Securities Limited in 1995 (and later through the iSec brand), we have been dedicated to acting in the long-term interests of both our stakeholders and the communities in which we invest. This core value has been the focus of our culture and continues to shape our Business.

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Net Carbon Reduction

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The building and construction industry accounts for around 40% of the world’s carbon emissions.

At ALMCOR, we are playing our part in the global climate challenge by decreasing the amount of harmful carbon emitted to our planet by:

  • Targeting ongoing carbon reduction at a business level;
  • Integrating the global climate challenge into our business polices;
  • Reducing waste by maximising product and material use throughout lifecycles.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ALMCOR, we recognise that everyone is individual and we embrace this difference in the way we work and go about our lives.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are integral to all that we do through:

  • Enhancing diversity and ensuring inclusion across all levels, and across the business;
  • Offering fair, equal and unbiased recruitment, promotion and rewards systems;
  • Ensuring a safe, inclusive and agile working environment where all talent can thrive.
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Education & Future Skills

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Strong skills training and development ensures that there is no shortage of the right people to occupy current and future employment needs. ALMCOR is committed to developing the next generation of skilled talent through our Internship Programme – Providing mentoring in the Real Estate industry.

Health & Wellbeing

Our ambition at ALMCOR is to be bold in our pursuit of wellbeing to boost the happiness, health and satisfaction of our people, as well as making a meaningful, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the communities we operate in.

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Land Renewal

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By bringing formerly heavily used land back into use we are providing new opportunities for both local communities and our customers to benefit from being able to achieve the maximum environmental uplift possible.

By remediating former industrial land, we are replacing older, obsolete uses with the latest modern advanced technologies which in turn deliver best in class zero carbon credentials. We are also facilitating the creation of the next generation of highly skilled jobs (e.g. advanced engineering, AI and data management to name a few).